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Customer Services

 Customer Services


  • As Hidrogül; We produce, we sell products and materials, vendors or end users expect and anticipate that the quality, price, delivery time, be able to provide pre- and post-sales service and payment terms.
  • be able to keep to a minimum the impact of the sale of quality has reached the quality target price.
  • is a process of quality for our company, the conditions of the day and should develop according to changing demand, and we must be renewed.
  • In the selection of raw materials we use in our products and half ingredient quality and material sufficiency is the most important determining factor.
  • we have made the import of materials, quality and attention to be certified and market products that will improve our position in our goal, we must increase the variety and quality constantly.
  • By following technical developments closely work with the new products, provide the continuity of our place in the industry, we have to increase its market share.
  • Solving problems as Hidrogül, improving processes, benefiting from the experience of workers, we must take into account the views and thoughts.
  • In line with the principle of continuous improvement of our organization, we need to ensure effective participation by the sense of responsibility of the employees.